Artist's Reception - Christian Millien

On April 25, 2014 we had an artist’s reception for Christian Millien who is a 26 year old Haitian who has been living at the orphanage since he was eight years old. The orphanage is Kaye Saint Helene in Kenscoff Haiti where Corky, Kristi, Jean and Tom have volunteered for several years.

Christian was not at the reception but his many paintings were! When Christian was born he had many health issues and as a result he is in a wheelchair and has low vision. This has not hindered in a budding art career and love of painting. He has flourished under the tutelage of two Irish volunteers who are artists and Christian has become a talented artist! As a result, Christian is selling his work.

Christian Millian ArtworkWe were able to have 15 of his paintings, Christian gave them to Jean all rolled up and Vera Mulder, a local artist volunteered her time and talent and stretched the paintings. Patrice Petit, the owner of Le Rouge Restaurant in Grand Junction gave us the venue at his restaurant and it was a wonderful event! Corky Terry, Kristi Smith, Jean and Tom were on hand for marketing! There was a meeting of Grand Junction Republican women at Le Rouge and Pat Tucker, one of the members and our good friend encouraged many of the women to purchase paintings and they followed Pat’s suggestion! All of the paintings were sold in less than 4 hours! $999.00 was made for dear Christian!

An update on Christian, he is now teaching art at the orphanage and will purchase art supplies with some of the money. He has purchased a cell phone and laptop, and opened a bank account. Christian is grateful.