Wake Up

Year of Mercy Novena for St. Luke Foundation for Haiti
AUG-­‐SEPT 2016

Two  weeks  ago  I  was  in  the U.S.A.  giving mission  appeals,  trying  to  bring  awareness  to  the  conscience  of  people  on  how  may  brothers  and  sisters  are suffering  the  lack  of  the  fundamental  needs:  clean  water  to  drink,  food  to  eat,  clothes to dress, meds, education, etc..


While I was telling true stories about what we live constantly, I felt the question arising: Is this real? Are these stories true?

We all saw the tragic picture/video of the child rescued a few days ago in Syria and so many of us felt horrified, but did we need that image to realize what has been  going  on  there  for  years?  How  many  other  Aleppo’s  are  burning  in  the  world, at yet we continue to sleep, our consciences almost numb and unable to react.

Wake Up image 1The philosopher Blaise Pascal, meditating on the Passion of Jesus, wrote: “Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world, we must  not  sleep  during  that  time.”  (Pensees).  How  true  are  these  words today!  When  you  fly  at  night  especially  over the cities and towns of the developed countries, they seem never asleep, and yet the consciences of those who live in places where the means of communication are so fast  and  accurate  can seem  most anesthetized.

The  day  after  my  return  to  Haiti,  I  was  going  to  celebrate    mass  as  usual.  I  knew that I would probably have bodies on the floor  to  bury but  when  I  arrived  at  the door and saw 21 small bodies in front of me I broke out into tears and paused in silence  before  I  was  able  to  begin  singing for  mass.  I  felt  as  their  voices  were  crying: wake up, do not fall asleep!

That same day at sunset I was coming back from the grocery store thinking that the day was over and already imagining to cook some pasta. I entered the gate and the receptionist ran towards me asking me to run inside to help a patient. I was quite confused and I was tempted to answer : I’m not a doctor, what can I do? But again the voices came back: wake up, do not fall asleep! In front of me was a man with an 11 year child on his side and another in his arms with his legs and  head  hanging  down  as  if  he  had  no  life.  The  man  started  shouting  and  I told him to not shout until the receptionist told me: "Father, he cannot hear, he’s deaf." The  poor  man  was  lost,  with  tears  and  fear  in  his  eyes.  The  St.  Damien  Hospital could not take the young boy for he was 16 years old and so I rushed them to the St. Luke Hospital were he was hospitalized.

Wake Up image 2I  was  heartbroken  to  see  Lucson  so  malnourished,  in  pain,  with  his  skin  all broken and his father in those conditions. But  at  the  same  time  I  learned  that  evening  from  this  dad  how  to  never  give up and that there is always something you can do no matter how poor or prevented you can be. If you just imagine that some months  ago  in  Port-­‐au-­‐Prince  three  deaf  people  were  stoned  to  death  because people  thought  they  were  zombies,  you  can imagine what this man was risking at nighttime  to  seek  for  help  for  his  child.  The shining star is also the patient's little brother,  Job,  11  years  old  who  was  holding  the  whole  situation  together, being the bridge between his father, his brother and the doctors. He stood there listening  carefully  to  what  the  doctor  was  saying  and  trying  to  communicate  with  his  father.  He  stayed  overnight  with  them.  What  an  example  of  courage, strength,  and  responsibility,  at  such  a  little  age  already  dealing  with  the  harshness of life as an adult. His name Job really fits him! 

Wake Up image 3Nobody  knew  if  he  would  of  passed  the  night  and  so  I  blessed  him  with  holy  water from Mary's house in Ephesus given to me by a friend and I entrusted him to  Our  lady  of  Divine  Mercy.  I  strongly  prayed and  felt  the  compassion,  love  and  devotion  of  Lucson’s father and brother would have touched our Blessed Mother’s and God's heart. After four days  with  IV’s  and   blood  transfusion,  Lucson  is  back  on  track  and  is  now  on  the  malnutrition program. But still there was a problem. His father in his conditions was without work and so since two  days  he  is  now  working  with  us  and  he  seems the happiest man in the world. Obviously when he has to communicate he still shouts and wakes  up  the  patients  who  are  asleep,  but  everyone loves and admires him!