20' Shipping Container

Hello Jean and Tom Paradis,

Do you think HelpHaiti can help us with the expenses of a 20' container we want to ship to Haiti for Fond des Blancs.  We have friends who are collected the following for Fond des Blancs:

Food, seeds, construction materials, heavy duty tarp, roof metal to cover house roof, beds, mattresses, sheets, and clothes.
we lost the roof of the library which on top of the sewing roof.  we hope to get the container so that we can start repairing the damage also we lost a long rock and block wall in Dugue.

we lost all the crops, lost most of the goats for the families, lost trade of the cows because of that we are looking to replace the lost of the goats and cows.  we have families lost the trade goats and cows and house roof in few villages.   

for the clinic we lost part of the top of the solar system roof again we hope to get the construction materials to repair the roof also we need to recheck all the roof in the clinic because we are getting water linking in some of the rooms in the clinic.  means we need nails and glue.

We hope HelpHaiti will be able to support us with the shipping and expenses of the container.
Alfredo got a quote for a 20' container already to ship and buy it will cost about US$ 4,000.00.

Ferel Bruno