Hi Father Happy

Hi father happy ,We [HelpHaiti ] have a tremendous amount of work to do with no finish line in sight .

We need to share with each soul that we meet their name and our name and work together.

We must record everything we do on a daily basis with the understanding that this information belongs to every soul.

Help Haiti has completed five or six projects in the past two years.

Whom we touched is light years away from what we accomplished.

We ask all of our volunteers to review our accomplishments as we work together to improve the living conditions in Haiti .

A short term goal is 90,000 projects and 1,000,000 labor hours.

PS Help Haiti has purchased fifty copies of Ville De Fort LIBERTE SEWING SCHOOL January 2017 .

We plan to send you ten copies of the book, with the understanding your mother receives the first copy!

We ask that each soul that appears in the book, receives a copy.

We will share the remainder with our volunteers.

We must pray for our success.!