May 30, 2017

Dear friends and family,
No matter how beautiful and wondrous nature is around us is, 
no matter how glad we are to see our family, especially the newest members (the sheer joy of being with the children),
no matter how many friends we have gained over the years, with whom we can let down our hair, rant and rave, cry and laugh,
no matter how full is our storehouse of good memories, 
we are never far from tragedy and its ability to turn upside down all the good things of our lives.
St Luke Foundation for Haiti

Fr Rick Frechette Letter

Dear family and friends,

I would like to tell you briefly a few stories from Haiti, realizing that the recent events in Minnesota, Dallas and France already wound our hearts and trouble our minds.

For the past number of years, as our earth overheats, we have been living through drastic changes in worldwide weather patterns, and seeing the ensuing destructive effects.

Father Rick - "Broken by Tragedy"

Published on Dec 24, 2012

Father Rick Frechette went to Haiti 25 years ago on a religious mission to shelter families "broken by tragedy." In his mid-40s, he decided to become a doctor, and then built a modern pediatric medicine facility Fred de Sam Lazaro reports as part of our Agents for Change series on the constant challenges Frechette has faced.

Haiti Visitation

Passionist Provincial, Fr. Robert Joerger, C.P., on visitation in Haiti in March 2014.

Way of the Cross

It was a long, hard way that she walked, the mother of Ronel.

And like the long, hard walk of Christ, it started with a very bad verdict.
“Crucify him.”
Ronel, at 8 years old, had cancer of his kidney.
Marise was tormented, and pondered in her heart what this might mean for her little son.
So began her way of the cross.

Father Rick 5-17-2013

Hello my dear friends and family

34 years ago today i was ordained a priest

34 years of trying to be light
using my God given strengths and talents
and in spite of my character and my sins