Father Rick 5-17-2013

Hello my dear friends and family

34 years ago today i was ordained a priest

34 years of trying to be light
using my God given strengths and talents
and in spite of my character and my sins

34 years of trying to lighten the load of other people
whose sufferings far outweigh mine in every dimension

34 years of counting on Providence and not being disappointed
of confronting very ugly and very evil powers and hurling anathemas at them
while trying to redeem the harm they have done

34 years of fighting spiritual and human battles
together with you
and gaining some holy ground
together with you
always for us, not for me
the big "us" of God's family

with our special dedication for vulnerable and sick children
for those who are wounded and marginalized
and those trapped in evil behaviors, which effort especially brings us detraction and defamation

thanks for offering a prayer for me today
i will pray for you too
share the grace of the day with me
I pray I can keep we up
it is a privilege and a joy

fr rick

Fr Richard Frechette CP