Sewing Machine Project Goal/Plan


The Goal: Thousands of Haitian labor hours.

The Plan: To ship a 20 foot sea van container to Fond Des Blancs Haiti containing twelve new nonelectric Janome sewing machines, twelve Singer Treadle sewing machine bases, 1920 era cast iron bases, adjustable stools, thread and a large quantity of fabric.

Our Volunteers Include: Jean Paradis, Corky Terry, and Kristi Smith. These remarkable ladies will return to Fond Des Blanc, Haiti to instruct sewers.

We have a gentleman’s agreement with Ron Martin, owner of Sewing Machines Plus (, a multi million dollar a year sewing and quilt machine distributor in San Marcos, California. During our initial conversation, Ron asked, “Do you know how much empowerment the sewing machine provides to the sewer?” We bonded for life in a nano second. Ron, his wife Debra, and their two sons Chris and Cory have in excess of 40 years in their industry and will provide the guidance as the project matures.

Help Haiti will pay all the expenses that are connected to the project and will continue to provide sewing materials and support as needed.

We are excited to work with Ferel Bruno who grew up in Fond des Blancs and has worked for 25 years under the guidance of Father Rick. Ferel is the director of IT and Special Project/Fond des Blancs Project Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs , NPH Haiti and is deeply committed to helping the people of Fond des Blancs help themselves.

See how fast the farmers are growing vegetables thanks to you all . we are pumping water for them from the river and wells.