July 2014 Sewing Project

Kristi and I returned in July 2014 for a week. A little warm, I might add! There were 9 students and the same 2 teachers. The ladies have progressed in sewing skills. Kristi continued classes to include installing zippers, making button holes on the machine, making collars for uniform shirts, and sewing uniform pants. Kristi taught all of that in 4 days! The women were attentive and they all came each day. Every morning before the women start sewing, they pray and sing a hymn……it brings peace to the room.

The women had made some shopping bags and head bands, hoping they could sell them….however more practice is needed. A shop in the airport at Port Au Prince is willing to sell items that the women make, but only if they are perfectly finished. Pray for increased skills!
We were able to buy fabric in Port Au Prince and it seems to be the same quality as we have in the US ….made in China and less expensive than the US! We can buy sewing accessories there also. This makes our project easier as we do not have shipping expenses….we only need money to purchase the items!
There is one school so far that is willing to buy uniforms from our ladies! We are excited about that!
Our goal is to fund the sewing school for two years and hopefully the women will then be sufficiently skilled in making the uniforms to be self-sustaining and profitable!