2016 Update

Kristi and Jean arrived in Fond Des Blancs on May 6. Haiti is experiencing political turmoil because of no President in office. there are "manifestations" which to us are demonstrations.  One of the activities of a manifestation is to let the air out of the tires of the cars that cannot get through the crowds. We were fortunate not to experience this.

We did notice that the economy is worse than when we were there last fall. The Haitian Gourde was 62 to the US dollar. It was 42 last summer....so because of the inflation people cannot buy food. Some of the men in fond Des Blanc have gone to Brazil and Chile to work and they send homw money for their families

In the village, the restaurant that had been open and employing 4 people has been closed. The bread shop was not open because the oven was broken. Parts have been ordered for the oven from Italy and hopefully soon it can be up and running.The water project is working, it is a machine that purifies water and bags it and then is sold in the area. It employs about 6 people.

The sewing project is a work inprogress. The ladies made and sold 128 school uniforms. The fabric was purchased in Haiti with funds generously donated by Mission Committe of the First Methodist Church in Grand Junction. As a result, the women's business is self sustaining. the women had no start up costs. In addition to the wonderful donation of fabric, may friends gave us thread, needles, pins and all sorts of sewing items that filled the shelves of the sewing room.