In the spring of 2014 three adventurous and generous souls: Mara Brownell, a US educator, Andy Whipple and Darin Carei owners of Atlasta Solar in Grand Junction Colorado journeyed to Fonds Des Blancs to install solar power to the medical and dental clinic.  Andy had visited Fonds Des Blancs previously and saw how solar could save money and the environment……money because a diesel generator was running the electricity and diesel fuel is way way overpriced in Haiti and the environment because of the odor and loud noise the generator creates. Panels and batteries were shipped to Port Au Prince and then trucked to FDB. The three dynamos worked from dawn to dusk with the help of some Haitian men. The people of the area are ever so grateful to these three amazing benefactors!

During their time there, children from the area appeared and one in particular, Billy stole Darin’s heart. Billy couldn’t go to school because he didn’t have a uniform to wear….going to school is not free plus a child must wear a uniform….Billy’s mom didn’t work… money no school. So the cycle of poverty goes in Haiti.