With compassion respect and a shared responsibility, we as souls, will honor each other by our names and work together. Help Haiti is committed to paying fair market value for all goods and services as determined by the market place in total transparency. We record all events as a possible learning tool/opportunity.

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and status and should be undertaken with meticulous excellence."
-Martin Luther Kin Jr., quoted in

"Poverty is not natural, it is man-made and it can be overcome and irradicated by the actions of human beings."
-Nelson Mandela

This mission is possible, thanks to Ferel Bruno, Sister Judy & Father Rick

Our Help Haiti volunteers would like to honor the Fond des Blanc Sewing Women as well as ALL souls that we meet on our journey/adventure by their NAMES and HELP them if WE are able.

Sewing Women Names Calligraphy

The following souls have visited Haiti and Found Des Blancs and share their experiences with you.

Is what we do serious or not serious? Yes & No

Hi Father Happy

Hi father happy ,We [HelpHaiti ] have a tremendous amount of work to do with no finish line in sight .

We need to share with each soul that we meet their name and our name and work together.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

To Mark Zuckerberg and all the souls at Facebook we invite you to work with Help Haiti to continue to create social infrastructure.

Happiness Index

Happiness index as a gage for social ills “people feel happy when they see something ethical” when you think you have done something right and brave and courageous, when you can constantly recharge yourself as a meaningful actor something which means you pause and think "ah this is beautiful, meaningful and ethical".


Our Goal

Our goal is to steer forward, building infrastructure across Haiti in a way that is environmentally friendly and free of corruption.

20' Shipping Container

Hello Jean and Tom Paradis,

Do you think HelpHaiti can help us with the expenses of a 20' container we want to ship to Haiti for Fond des Blancs.  We have friends who are collected the following for Fond des Blancs:

Wake Up

Year of Mercy Novena for St. Luke Foundation for Haiti
AUG-­‐SEPT 2016

Two  weeks  ago  I  was  in  the U.S.A.  giving mission  appeals,  trying  to  bring  awareness  to  the  conscience  of  people  on  how  may  brothers  and  sisters  are suffering  the  lack  of  the  fundamental  needs:  clean  water  to  drink,  food  to  eat,  clothes to dress, meds, education, etc..

Kathleen Porter

I first traveled to Haiti in the summer of 2008 not really knowing what to expect. What I found was a country with very limited resources but full of beautiful, proud people. Volunteering with the kids in Kenskoff really opened my eyes to the needs of the country. There were so many kids without much who were still happy, smiling children.

Mara Brownell

Letter to Haiti,

You have always held fascinating qualities of destruction, resilience and regeneration. When I was invited to have the opportunity to visit, I was both apprehensive and excited: Apprehensive because the destruction was purportedly so widespread, Excitement as I had been included in a journey to contribute to your regeneration.


I have been to Haiti twice assisting my parents and younger sister, helping out wherever I could.

I mostly played soccer and basketball with the kids and dished out a lot of hugs. The adult volunteers are amazing people but there aren’t enough adults to kid’s proportion for them to get the attention and love they need. Father Rick and his team are amazing people and helping them with time, materials and MONEY is something you can do and rest assured the donation goes those who need it.

Tom Paradis

Tom Paradis’ experience: Smitten -means overwhelmed or struck by something, usually love. 1999 meeting Fr Rick and Sister Philomena traveling to clinics together. I think Jean will agree with this assessment.
-Tom Paradis

Jean Majors

I am a very recent visitor to Haiti & the Brothers & Sisters Orphanage, 5,000 ft above Port a Prince! It was a privilege to accompany Jean Paradis to Haiti.
Jean & I were classmates @ Holy Cross School of Nursing and graduated 50 years ago on South Bend, In. We reconnected about 4 years ago in Florida and are now neighbors in Bonita Springs, Florida!!

Corky Terry

This is Corky Terry responding to Tom's request for feedback on some of my Haiti trips I was fortunate to experience with Jean. Fall 2006 was my first visit to Port-au-Prince, where Fr. Rick Frechette, staff, and volunteers were preparing for the dedication of the newly constructed children's hospital. The children, who were so very ill, many abandoned, are a memory that very much stayed with me. One young man was Polenta, who is HIV positive, and now 10 years later is helping farming in Fond-du-Blanc.

Jill P. Haiti Experience

I have been to Haiti with my family a three times. We spent most of the time at the hospital in Petionville which is no longer standing due to the earthquake in 2010 If I close my eyes I can smell it. It smells of vinegar, skin and illness. There we held the babies and visited the sick and dying. There was always a line of people outside waiting patiently for help. Some people waited for days.