How You Can Help.


The recent earthquake in Haiti devastated a country that was already in crisis. Consider the following pre-earthquake statistics: Half of the people who die each year in Haiti are kids under 5 years old. Around 80% of Haitians are unemployed, and the majority of Haitins live on less than a dollar a day. Only one out of every two people has access to clean drinking water. 6% of Haitians have HIV/AIDS, and the disease orphans thousands of children each year.


The impoverished youth of Haiti, orphans and those with serious illnesses or trauma needing medical care, face monumental hurdles. Father Rick and his supporters make a huge positive difference in these young lives at both Kaye Ste Helene Orphanage and St. Damien’s Hospital.

Father Rick depends on your donations to keep the orphanage and hospital supplied, equipped, and open. Every penny of your donation goes directly to Father Rick to be used in his projects in Haiti. Help Haiti does not use donor money for any type of administrative expenses. Your donation is tax deductible and will have a profound effect on the lives of kids in Haiti.


Tell your friends about the massive challenges that the Haitian people face and encourage them to help become part of the solution as well.