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You can make a tax-deductible donation by mailing us a check: 604 Rico Way, Grand Junction, Colorado, 81506

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Spread awareness about the significant challenges confronting the people of Haiti and urge your friends to join hands in becoming part of the solution. By sharing the realities of Haiti’s struggles, we can inspire collective action and support for organizations working tirelessly to alleviate suffering and create positive change. Encourage your friends to contribute their time, resources, or expertise to initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Haitians. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and offer hope for a brighter future in Haiti.


Despite the daunting challenges that Haitians face on a daily basis, their resilience shines through amidst the beauty of their country. With picturesque mountains and hidden paradises boasting breathtaking turquoise waters, Haiti’s natural splendor is undeniable. However, alongside these wonders, the people of Haiti exhibit extraordinary strength as they navigate through adversity.

Despite facing significant hurdles, Haitians exhibit remarkable perseverance and resourcefulness. Their spirit of resilience is a testament to their ability to overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Though half of the annual deaths in Haiti involve children under five, there is an unwavering determination to improve healthcare and provide a better quality of life for future generations.

Moreover, while unemployment rates hover around 80%, Haitians continue to find innovative ways to support themselves and their families, utilizing their skills and entrepreneurial spirit to carve out opportunities amidst economic hardships. Even in the face of extreme poverty, the people of Haiti demonstrate an incredible capacity for creativity and adaptation.

Though access to clean drinking water remains a challenge for many, efforts are underway to improve infrastructure and ensure that all Haitians have access to this essential resource. The journey toward progress may be difficult, but the resilience and perseverance of the Haitian people serve as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter future for their beloved country.