Think Tank

The unsafe conditions and travel restrictions in Haiti has made it nearly impossible for many organizations to reach Haiti at the moment.  In 2020, a group of non profit organizations that serve Haiti   joined together in creating the Help Haiti Think Tank. It was founded by Tom Paradis, of Help Haiti a (501c(3) Tom has a deep passion for Haiti and its people.  This group was created for like-minded organizations who connect, share and work towards a brighter future in Haiti. 

The Help Haiti Think Tank meets monthly via Zoom. It serves as a hub for collaboration. During these meetings, representatives from various nonprofits gather to share insights, discuss challenges and explore opportunities. One of the core objectives is to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas and resources. Whether it’s educational materials, medical supplies or humanitarian aid, our group strives to ensure that these resources reach the communities that need them the most. 

The socio-political challenge in Haiti requires thoughtful and coordinated responses. By collectively addressing these challenges, the Think Tank aims to empower local communities, promote stability and contribute to the overall development of the nation. In every challenge, there lies an opportunity for positive change. By identifying and seizing these opportunities, the group empowers Haitians to thrive despite adversity. Through educational initiatives, skill development programs, and community engagement, the group can create pathways for sustainable growth.