God’s Mapquest!

Jean, in preparation for her return trip to the sewing school (Lekol Koutur), sought to have the business plan translated into Haitian Creole. Residing in southwest Florida with Tom, she remembered St. Peter the Apostle Church in Naples, renowned for its outreach to Haitians. Determined to find a Haitian Creole speaker, she visited the parish office and was introduced to Father Adrien Pierre, a Haitian priest.

At the time, Father Adrien served as an associate Pastor at the church, conducting Masses in Haitian Creole on Sunday afternoons, alongside Masses in English. Ordained in 1998 as an Oblate of Mary Immaculate priest (visit oblatesusa.org), he currently ministers to the prison population of southwest Florida. Fluent in Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, and English, Father also holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Theology from Fordham University.

During their conversation, Father Adrien shared insights into his upbringing in Fort Liberte, Haiti, near Cap Haitian, where he was born. He spoke fondly of his family, including his mother residing in Montreal and his late father.

Moved by the plight of Haiti’s impoverished, Father Adrien has dedicated himself to supporting twenty orphaned children in Fort Liberte, currently placed in foster homes. To further his mission, he initiated the Fondation de la Maison de la Lumiere (Lighthouse Foundation for Youth of Fort Liberte), aiming to establish an orphanage and vocational/technical school. With land acquired and construction underway for a protective wall, Father Adrien’s vision is taking shape.

In collaboration with Help Haiti, Father Adrien seeks to facilitate donations for his project while ensuring tax advantages for donors. Help Haiti, utilizing its 501©3 status, will establish a separate banking account for Father Adrien’s endeavors. Following consultation with their CPA and registration in Florida, Help Haiti’s address in Naples is confirmed as 3690 Seagrape Avenue, Naples, FL 34104.

Excited about the partnership, Help Haiti anticipates witnessing Father Adrien’s project come to fruition. Accessible direct flights to Cap Haitian from Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale offer convenience, bypassing the chaos of Port Au Prince. As progress unfolds, visual documentation will accompany updates on the project’s development.